Based deep in the heart of Texas, the vivacious Dallas band Backhand Sally has served up a rich BBQ’d mix of country rock and Americana blended with a spicy sauce of traditional rhythm and blues for nearly a decade.

Backhand Sally’s latest album, No Instructions, is overflowing with energetic and bold. The band’s epicenter is a rock-n-roll/Americana duo featuring Louisiana native and vocalist Ginger Grace and Texas-born and raised musician Brock Hard. 

The band’s music is propelled by Ginger's soulful, rock-inspired vocals backed by Brock's vintage style guitar. 

BHS has been called among the last of the ‘classic rock-n-rollers’, but their blend of country, soul, roots, Americana and blues influences, with scruffy vocals and sharp guitar riffs, stands out in a sea of music performers from the south. 

Critics have given the album high marks, including blogs like Indie Rock Cafe, Opening Bell Coffee, Voyage Dallas, Ava Radio and others. Opening Bell wrote that  No Instructions: “is a tapestry of stories told through lyrics and melodies that tell the human narrative” with “eclectic, edgy and inspired” songs. 

"We waited a while before putting an album together," Brock says. "Ginger sort of pushed me to write songs and once we started the process was what had been missing in our music, creating our own songs to play for our fans and audiences." 

The result of their efforts is an eclectic mix of the various styles that make the south so rich in music. Unable to live in one genre, Backhand Sally is forging the way for a sound that incorporates the best of their favorite influences and natural sound. 

There are many standout songs on the album. "One Pack of Cigarettes" exemplifies their love of a gypsy guitar with a story for the listener, while the title track, "No Instructions," is a ballad that has a classic, haunting sadness to it. 

Equisite Noise Records wrote of the hot track, “Tragic Love,” that: “it has a breezy, natural-sounding appeal to it, coming across as very catchy without sounding forced. Sonically, it kind of blends a modern sound with some throwback elements, in particular, those treasured hits of the 80s. The guitar that comes in about halfway through features some nice unexpected crunch.” 

The album also features Ginger and Brock's musical influences and music styles, including traditional country two-steps, bluesy ballads, and rocking anthems. 

"We found something in each other that really took our own talents to the next level," says Ginger. "The way our different playing and performance styles organically blended together was something we hadn't heard before and we knew we had to explore it." 

Ginger has been listening to and creating music since she was a child growing up with such influences as Carly Simon, Willie Nelson, The Beatles, and Dolly Parton. 

“When I write a song, it might come from the mood I’m in, or a situation I feel like describing, something specific I want to write about, or something as simple as a chord progression I like on the piano,” she adds. 

“We write together often, and when we collaborate it’s usually something we have had a conversation about and think will make a good song.” 

“There are times when we sit down and have a writing session and write a song from start to finish in 30 minutes. Other times, it’s a few days or weeks as we either individually or together work through an idea until it becomes the song we want it to be.” 

Backhand Sally regularly performs in and around the Dallas area and is already working on new songs.

Their first single "Text You When I Drink" was Hellcast Radio's song of the year, 2017,  they were honored to also be Hellcast Radio's fan-favorite band of the year, 2017.  They have most recently been featured in The Voyage Dallas Magazine, ETX Rocks Show and Kandid with Kadie Lynn.  

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