“We write together often, and when we collaborate it’s usually something we have had a conversation about and think will make a good song.” 

“There are times when we sit down and have a writing session and write a song from start to finish in 30 minutes. Other times, it’s a few days or weeks as we either individually or together work through an idea until it becomes the song we want it to be.” 

Backhand Sally is an Americana/ Country Rock Group  that performs an original mix of Americana, Rock, Blues and Country. They also play a variety mix of Top 40 dancehall and party favorites. Whether playing as a duo or full band, Backhand Sally always delivers an audience engaging, high energy performance with shows that are typically at capacity. 

Currently they are releasing 2 singles a week between October 22nd, 2021 and Christmas Eve December 24th, 2021 when the entire new album The Dos will be released! 


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