“We write together often, and when we collaborate it’s usually something we have had a conversation about and think will make a good song.” 

“There are times when we sit down and have a writing session and write a song from start to finish in 30 minutes. Other times, it’s a few days or weeks as we either individually or together work through an idea until it becomes the song we want it to be.” 

Backhand Sally regularly performs in and around the Dallas area and is already working on new songs.

Their first single "Text You When I Drink" was Hellcast Radio's song of the year, 2017,  they were honored to also be Hellcast Radio's fan-favorite band of the year, 2017.  They have most recently been featured in The Voyage Dallas Magazine, ETX Rocks Show and Kandid with Kadie Lynn.  

Radio Play- National and International Radio play, check your local station. 



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