What people are saying

 " The track, Tragic Love, has a breezy, natural-sounding appeal to it, coming across as very catchy without sounding forced. Sonically it kind of blends a modern sound with some throwback elements, in particular, those treasured hits of the 80s. The guitar that comes in about halfway through features some nice unexpected crunch."” - Equisite Noise Records
The singing on Text You When I Drink is great and there are some nifty guitar licks on here as well. Plus I think the lyrics and the subject matter are vivid material that a listener would remember.” - Equisite Noise Records

Backhand Sally has been rocking audiences with their variety mix of top 40 country, rock, pop, dance, R&B, and blues hits for over 7 years. The duo Ginger and Brock front the group with powerful, rock vocals and an edgy rock guitar. With influences that range from Eric Clapton to Dolly Parton, their mix of upbeat party songs and "get you on the dance floor" tunes promise a fun, dance filled night of entertainment. 

They recently released their first album, No Instructions, and it is available everywhere you can download and stream music.